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Frequency, Resonance Vibration, and Scalar

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This page as an educational resource only to learn more about Frequency, Vibration, Microcurrent and Bioenergetic technology.  The AO scan is a powerful tool used for cutting-edge holistic support for your health.

The information found in this article is for informational and educational purposes only, it is meant to treat, cure or diagnose any illness or disease. The AO scan is intended as a preventative tool, not as a diagnostic tool.

Please seek a licensed medical professional for any and all health concerns.

The human body is made up of 100 trillion cells, each requiring healthy cell voltage to stay alive. Quantum physics teaches us there's no difference between energy and matter. Therefore, we energy.

Quantum physics teaches us everything within us is the result of motion-creating resonance or a vibration. The resonance is important to understanding how subtle energy directs and maintains health and wellness in human beings.

The AO technology is designed for total heath, inside and out to assist with energetic imbalances by directing cell communication and increasing cellular energy. Doing this, we assist in bringing the body back to homeostasis (balance).

Our cells constantly communicate through resonant frequency much like tuning to the precise channel on your radio or tv. The difference in tuning the station to 102.3 or 102.4 is the difference in a clear signal vs static (signal disruptor). A signal disruptor can be anything from Stress to Cancer.  

Like anything, your cells act as transmitters and receivers. How your cells transmit and receive communication is imperative and can directly impact your health through their signal calling. In the same way, you can disrupt a good signal through poor unhealthy lifestyle, environmental factors etc. you can intentionally disrupt a bad signal (symptomatic poor health).

Changing the frequency of the imbalanced cells allows for the bodies natural healing process to take charge.

Focusing on healthy frequency communication between cell function can impact your health, vitality, and your brain in ways you can't possibly imagine. How could you? Traditional allopathic medicine doesn't teach you this therefore doctors aren't telling you this. Education is the key. I hope you stick around. The world and more importantly people you love and care about need it. 

Interested in learning more about frequency and what God's word says about it, click the button to listen to the short podcast by yours truly. 

"Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies" -Albert Einstein

I would love to do a free INNER - VOICE scan on you,  click here for your free scan. 

The Inner-Voice technology uses a sound harmonizing technique that generates a balancing audio frequency derived from the voice spectrum in humans to diminish frequencies that are in excess and supplement frequencies that are lacking. 

Inner-Voice records your voice and analyzes 12 note frequencies: C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, and B.
The Inner-Voice report will display three notes that are excessively out of balance (or over-compensated) and the main octave being suppressed.
The Inner-Voice report will also generate the balancing frequencies that can assist in creating balance in the body. This will include four audio files (MP3) corresponding to each of the balancing octaves outlined in the report. For
maximum benefit, listen to these four audio files two to three times a day. 

Health Practitioners and Naturopaths please contact me for more information regarding this amazing little device for use in your practice.  Simple put the words, AO Scan in the subject box. 

Frequency Therapy is where the future of Medicine is going.