"The American People are ill, because they are not Knowledgeable"

                           - A.F. Beddoe

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  • Understanding Health 9:00 AM to 9:30 AM Mountain Standard Time Cost per person - $65 payable via Venmo @ntrldoc17 or scan the code
  • Class Description Join Victoria, a Traditional Naturopathic doctor and Functional Wellness Practitioner as she teaches for 30 minutes each week to educate those who wish to dig a little deeper in understanding how the body works through the foundations of health and wellness. These foundations are critical to understand as you apply what you learn during the Digging Deeper 12 week class. 
  • In this 12 week class topics such as: 
        1. Why Water is important to the body, how much daily, what type I recommend
        2. General Health, the importance in understanding what that should look like
        3. pH balancing, what it is, why it's important to know, and how to balance it
        4. Emotions, how they affect our overall well-being
        5. Digestion - this one is huge, our digestion affects everything within the body
        6. Elimination - getting rid of toxic waste is crucial                         

        7. Food - looking at what we eat and how it affects our body, thinking, hormones and more                                            8. Nutrition - this is where we look at where we get our nutrients and how are they used- diet danger                          9. Glandular - a brief look at their roles and responsibilities                                                                                                  10. Immune System - looking at the offense and defensive rolls the immune plays in keeping us from dangers          11. Nervous System - looking at the electrical communications, how to support the nerves naturally                      
    12. Fun Sweaty Movement (Exercise) and Sleep 
  • Classroom Zoom Link will be sent to The Digging Deeper Telegram Group - you will need to download the Telegram app in order to be placed into the group. You can either request an invite or you may contact me when you are ready to join. 
  • This class repeats every 12 weeks, so if you join during week 5, you will simply stay in the group for weeks 1 - 4. 
  • For those who have gone through the 12 weeks and would like to join our Internship program, please contact me and we will talk about the program. This is a certification class. 

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The suggested 12 week class fee is considered a donation of my time and knowledge and is Not Refundable

Public Speaking

Victoria loves to share Health and Wellness with EVERYONE. 

She has 20 years experience in public speaking and many topics of interest. 

She is available for: 

1. Women's Luncheons

2. Workplace 

3. One Hour Health Chats

4. Conventions

5. Weekend Retreats 

6. Whatever your need might be