"The American People are ill, because they are not Knowledgeable"

                           - A.F. Beddoe

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Locally Owned | Certified in Over 20 Different Natural Health Modalities

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Classes and Seminars

Find out how you can stay healthy through understanding how the body works without special foods or diets with classes and seminars led by our Traditional Naturopath!

Wide Range of Services

From pH testing, menu planning and prepping to energy and frequency work and more, Health and Harmony provides a variety of individual services.

Education and Resources

There are a wide variety of products and resources, however, I want nothing more than the absolute best for my family and clients.

As your Traditional Naturopthic Alternative Lifestyle Consultant, I choose not to sell retail, but to set you up with physician strength, Non-GMO, pure herbal supplements to come to your door step. I do this so that you may achieve the best possible results in half the time.

Take the First Step

Are you ready to begin your new Lifestyle in Health and Harmony?

As your coach I will walk you through each step to assist you in your individualized new lifestyle.

Meal Planning, Shopping and Education

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