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Weight Loss Membership Program  $185 one time start up fee - Full RBTI Program (Local)

$165 one time start up fee - Long Distance Program

This is Health and Harmony's newest service. 

Using and combining services we already use into a weight loss program has been exciting. 

Following the same principles we teach for the RBTI with a few changes to assist in weight loss has proven to be successful.

You will start your membership into the program with a full consultation with Dr. Victoria Terry, ND our in house Traditional Naturopath. 

It is here you will learn what exactly to expect from "The Health and Harmony Weight Loss"  Program, as well as what exactly is expected from you. 

This is a learning process. You will receive a valuable education regarding foods, the digestive process, the break down of foods, how and where you receive your nutrients, and of course how vital minerals, water, sleep, and exercise are to the success of your weight loss journey.

What this program is not,

It is not a spoon fed, pre-packaged food program.

Prior to taking your first steps into your Forever Weight Loss, take time to review the highlights of what the program is.  There are no contracts to bind you to the program. You will get out of the program, exactly what you invest into it. 

There are six important points of interest to help you understand what will take place as soon as you take that first step.

  1. Non-invasive Testing - Urine and Saliva Analysis to which our complete body chemistry weight loss program is based upon.
  2. Program Blueprint - your lifestyle coach will build your personal weight loss program from your individual body chemistry as a result of the urine and saliva analysis and the required paperwork given during your first initial consultation. Our goal is to educate each member by giving the tools to maintain an active healthy life of quality.
  3. No Diets - It is a known fact that diets do NOT work. There are no special prepared, boxed or restricted foods.  You will eat a wide variety of REAL live and fresh foods.  You will not prepare two different meals. You and your family will eat the same foods. Your intake will however be slightly different, you will not feel isolated or left out.
  4. One on One Coaching - You will receive two 30 minute consultations with Dr. Victoria Terry, our very own Traditional Naturopath, for a total of 60 minutes each month.
  5. Meal Planning, Prepping, and Shopping Education - your coach will educate you with planning, prepping tips as well as showing you how to change up your favorite family recipes to fit your new healthy lifestyle.
  6. Monthly Support - along with your 60 minutes of one on one coaching each month, you will be encouraged to attend the monthly support group held at Health and Harmony. Although not part of the initial program, You will also have an exclusive facebook support group available to you if you choose.  (a monthly membership required)  This program will require a monthly membership of $25. (This membership is not included in your initial start up fee.)Access to the group is specifically designed for those working with Dr. Victoria.  No other access is permitted.

What Does Your Membership Include?

  1. Here you will receive two 30 minute consultations for a total of 60 minutes of lifestyle coaching each month with Dr. Victoria Terry, our Traditional Naturopath.   It is up to you to make contact with Victoria, in order to set up your appointment time with her.  All local residence will be expected to come to the office for your consultations.
    All long-distance clients will have the option of doing a consultation via live messenger, join.me, or phone.
  2. Members will receive a non-invasive urine and saliva test twice each month to be analyzed and your program re-evaluated as you move along step by step on your journey.
  3. Full access to the Private Facebook Group, "Health and Harmony Weight Loss" 
  4. Full access to the Client page on the website. Access to this page is found under the Education link drop down menu. You will first need to sign up which is found at the bottom of this page. 
  5. The Facebook group will be the "GO TO PLACE" This will be a daily place you will want to visit.
  6. Why a group? there really is not enough time to devote to all the clients Dr. Victoria works with. In order to make this program great, she created the Facebook group. It is here she can encourage and educate outside the monthly support meetings.
  7. It is here you will have access to many LIVE facebook recordings, podcasts and teaching webinars all without leaving your home. You will have access to recipes and links to recipes. Although the LIVE support meetings will be recorded so you may go back at anytime and listen as often as needed, it is encouraged that you personally attend them. Support is a crucial part of success.
  8. During each monthly meeting (which may become weekly as the need arises) Dr. Victoria will teach a 5- 10 minute class on a topic of interest. These topics will be from questions you as members are asking.
  9. Prior to concluding our monthly meetings, the floor will be open for questions and answer time.
  10. Meeting duration - 45 to 60 minute
  11. There is no other day better than TODAY to make LIFESTYLE changes...

Meal Planning, Shopping, Education 

As your traditional naturopath and coach, you will learn what foods your body chemistry will handle during each step of your Lifestyle change.

As a team you will work with your coach as you learn how to plan out your meals for the week for the entire family. 

No special diet foods, you will eat real food right along with your family and friends.

Active Client and Student Membership

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Here you will find recipes, tips, encouragement, educational podcasts, pre-recorded webinars and more.

This link is set up for those actively working with Health and Harmony,LLC. as a part of the health restoration program.

Disclaimer: The content found on this website is for informational purposes only, and is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any ailment. Statements provided are based on practitioner experience and are not regulated or approved by the FDA. Always seek health guidance from your qualified health care professional before beginning any health program.

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Being a part of the Program gives you lots of great Perks!

Complimentary Iridology Consultation

Iridology is the science of analyzing the colors, patterns, and structures of the iris in the eye and how they relate to our body’s health. The iris will show either potential strength or deficiency in each body system.

By examining the iris fibers, iridology can reveal levels of health, the location of acids and inflammation, the activity of each body organ, glandular disorders, chemical imbalances, degeneration, genetic strengths and weaknesses-- to name a few-- and the power of recovery you possess.